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Along with other graphic design students, we collaborated with Beta Society, Digital Maker Collective and Child Rights International Network (CRIN) a charity and think tank for the Tate Exchange 2019 at the Tate Modern where we organized and ran a series of open workshops and debates for all audiences, especially children and students. 


We had family friendly activities and debates/discussion from 12-5 pm from Tuesday 5th to Sunday 10th 2019.


The schedule of events was packed with workshops:


- Create your own superhero to save the environment ! (all week)

- Create your own protest banner against climate change for the 15th of March global strike (all week)

- Participate in the 'Little Inventors' workshop with Dominic Wilcox where you get to create funky inventions around a social challenge (Wednesday only)

- Learn about music by using the soundscapes of Tate to compose a piece of music (all materials provided) by music educator Melissa Uye-Parker)

- Learn how to hide from facial recognition with a hair and make-up tutorial with Privacy International

- Join the Privacy clinic and ask any questions about privacy you were too afraid to ask. Privacy International will walk parents and their children through their phones to explain how they share data and what they can do about it.

We also hosted a number of debates/discussions around themes of surveillance, children and the right to vote, a world without borders, the environment and toxics where our collaborators and contributors Privacy International, LionHeart In the Community and Black Thrive who were present to discuss their themes and contribute with their expertise. 


Here are the websitesf the event where you can find more details:


And read more about the event here: http://annatsuda.com/betautopia.html

Photography by: Nana Maiolini


Outcomes from the Dominic Wilcox 'Little Inventors' workshop > "Create an invention to help the environment !

Outcomes from the superhero workshop

"Create your own environmental superhero!"


Outcomes from the DIY Banner workshop

" Create your own protest banner !"

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