Augmented Reality, Poster Design

For the exhibition "Business As Usual", I've created an augmented reality Instagram filter for the brand, along with submitting my own artwork "The Pollinator's Revenge" for the show in Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax.

The Pollinator's Revenge:

A retired bee-mover has to protect the village's last hive from destruction from his own community upon discovering their desperate plan for economical survival. 


Through speculative design, The Pollinator's Revenge is an imaginative film poster from a dystopia future exploring a potential & frightening reality within that timeline: what if honeybees became scarce enough to be the new currency? What if your own community made a desperate pact with a corporation and sold the last hive for financial gain? Exploring the importance of pollinators within a healthy society, the work aims to scare the user through augmented reality technology & create a justified sense of fright emanating from Man's treason of the natural world. 

AR Filter 1: Pollinator's Revenge. Try it out here.

AR Filter 2: Bee's Knees. Try it out here.