Workshop design, facilitation,  producer

In March 2020, CRIN joined the Digital Maker Collective at the Tate Modern’s Tate Exchange event Uni To Unicorns, to explore the intersection between art schools, technology and social good.

For this year’s event, I creatively produced and co-designed a series of workshops, including Build Your Own FARMING-CITY! in collaboration with the Chicago-based architects Design With Company and London’s innovation lab GreenLab


Build Your Own FARMING-CITY! stems from Design with Company’s original project Hedge HUG, a fictional exploration of rural urbanism, where the city is brought into and around the farm. Hedge-HUG challenged visitors to think about how spaces can be changed and used to grow food in places near where consumers live. This time around at the Tate Exchange in March 2020, the workshop gave the public the opportunity to create beautiful cities, mixing urban, farming and tech elements using custom-designed stencils, stickers and coloured pens. Children and adults alike got together in using one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal to shape how we might live differently: our imaginations.

Read more about the event on CRIN's website here.