Publication, Sculpture

Follow our trail using a simplified map, unobstruct your individual understanding of pieces of art by removing of the curation, the complex art vocabulary, the catalogues and wayfinding and sometimes, the crowd. 


We’re sorry but we ran out of ice cream.

The point of this ice-cream hunting was to explore the encounter between art and people within an artistic public space.
Our concept is based on how artistic public spaces, such as gallery and museums, can obstruct an individual’s understanding of a piece of art because of the curation, more specifically, the complex art vocabulary, the maps and way finding and sometimes, the crowd.

By persuading a person to follow our trail using a simplified map and an ice cream cone, we made the audience go through an intricate way where they engaged with the displayed art in the process.

The ice cream was purely instrumental. 

In collaboration with

Elina Afentaki

Saadia Mebchour Anllo