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Interpolate had been kindly invited to host a workshop at the IAM Week-End 19' in Barcelona in March 2019 to present our very own Interbot, a chatbot filled with the knowledge gained by the first workshop at the DEL Conference in Toronto in September 2018. 

You can try it out yourself > Interbot

Here is a link to Internet Age Media's (IAM) website: IAM Week-End

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The Interbot.

Chatbot by Interpolate, visit: here

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Introducing the cultural and historical concept of chatbots and how Interpolate came about to creating our own chatbot: INTERBOT
INTERBOT is built with information collected from our previous workshop in Toronto.

PART 2: Analogue algorithms
After de-bugging INTERBOT, participants began designing and scripting their own conversations.
Provided with basic syntax like:

[+]Trigger// user in put
[-]Bot response
[*] Wildcard