Physical computing, Digital fabrication, 3D printing



The Mega Ramps is a homemade 3D printer built in collaboration with Bristy Azmi. Through learning and experimenting with a whole new set of rules and medium, we went out of our comfort zone to explore the intricacies and understanding the inner workings of a 3D printer, through building a basic one. The project was successful for a short while, due to the incompetencies of our engineering skills (or lack of), the Mega Ramps is now damaged, however we are working into improving it.

We used the wonkiness of our printer in order to play with the unpredictable outcomes. Attempting to print a calibration cube, we recorded each surprisingly different and fun sculpture through analyzing their visual context. 

These can be found in the 'Pareidolia' project found here: Pareidolia

We also recorded our process into a video-game, which you can find here: Simply Complicated

In collaboration with Bristy Azmi

With technical help from Kelvin Yuen

THE MEGA RAMPS. Printing calibration cube.