Publication and Illustration book


PAREIDOLIA. Publication by Bristy Azmi, and Maria Than

The Rorschach test is a form of pareidolia, which is a type of apophenia involving the perception of images or sounds in random stimuli (e.g seeing faces in clouds or trees). It is a sub-category of apophenia where one mistakingly ‘sees’ and ‘reads’ patterns where there are none (e.g early stage of schizophrenia, over-interpretation, obsession).

"Pareidolia" explores the visual intrigue posed by the outcomes of our 3D printer. We printed a calibration cube using over 20+ times and collected the outcomes in photographs, which were then analyzed by an audience with no set criteria. With its progressive technology, the Mega Ramps' 3D filament act as the 21st century ink blot. In the book, we ask the reader to observe each outcome and extrapolate an image. 

"Tiny drawings" is a compilation of illustrations of the pareidolias collected from various people, after being shown the photographed outcomes, pushing the visual intrigue into a new context.

Collaboration with Bristy Azmi 

Illustrations by Helena Vannerley


TINY DRAWINGS. Publication by Bristy Azmi, Maria Than and Helena Vannerley as illustrator