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The video game about my friend and I building a

3D printer at uni.

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The ONE WHERE INTERPOLATE AND I ran a workshop in canada

the one where i created a 60's fashion lookbook based on black friday

the one where i photographed brixton and created an album

the one where i

co-designed the identity for ual su dance show

the app on google play where I CREATED AN AUGMENTED REALITY of myself stepping in poop

The one where we re-designed edgar allan poe's poem 'the raven'

the one where i experimented videography with a scanner at uni

the one where we shot

a full minute, no cut video based on

a dialogue 


The one where my friend and i built a 3d printer

from scratch.

arcade side final.jpg

the video-game where you have to buy an online chicken and check-out safely


the one where interpolate and i ran a workshop at ual

the interactive one where we created a waffle piano

the one where i ran a fruit piano workshop at tate using a touchboard

the collaboration where i made illustrations for a collection of zines

the one where i created a set of postcards based on my worst quotes

the one where we used layered scraps of paint to create images of rock

the one where i experimented with printmaking using a foam tube and ink


The book where we show

the outcomes we made

with the 3d printer

beta society 2.jpeg

the one where i ran workshops at tate with child rights international netowrk


the interactive one about columbus and whitewashed history

the one where i used my social media skills to promote events

the lookbook where the bean collective and i created a collection, featured in a show 

the photography album where i took photos of everyday grimaces

the photography album about different tools to fight social anxiety

the one where i experimented with linocut for 2 months

the one where i created a typeface based on the royal vauxhall tavern

the one where we pitched and prototyped an educational app using augmented reality

my instagram where i create face filters